Don’t Dream It’s Over

“Hey now, hey now,
Don't dream it's over.
Hey now, hey now,
When the world comes in.
They come, they come,
To build a wall between us;
We know they won't win.” -Crowded House, Don’t Dream It’s Over

Jesus told the rich, young ruler to get rid of the things that would come between them.

He told the woman at the well that if she, a sinner, asked, he would give.

He told stories of a father who wouldn’t just watchfully wait for you to come back from your sinfulness, but run to shower you with affection when you were still “a long way off.”

He fed, loved and washed the feet of someone he knew was about to sell him out.

Paul would say that no powers, rulers, anything present in the world today, nor death itself could divide you from God’s love.

As followers of Jesus, there’s absolutely nothing that should come between us and anyone else. The Kingdom citizen strives to break down walls that society and culture threaten to barricade among us.

We know that they won’t win.

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